What is RENKO Trading

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What is a Renko Chart

Renko is a chart type, developed by the Japan. The concept of Renko came from Brick in Japanese, which gets constructed on price movement. The chart looks like a series of bricks, look below.  Renko brick can be of different fixed sizes, depends on trader’s need. A new brick is created when the price moves up or down to that brick size price amount. Each block is positioned at a 45-degree angle (up or down) to the prior brick. An up brick (Uptrend) is typically colored green, and a down brick (Downtrend) is typically colored black or red.

Brick Size: In renko chart there is always a fixed brick size. in candlestick, the candle size varies based on price movement, but in Renko, the brick size doesn’t vary, it is predefined and fixed, if price moves one direction in multiple of brick size, then bultiple brick shall form.

The below image shows a Renko chart of Brick size 4

How to read a Renko chart

Renko chart helps trader to eliminate noise or sideways movement of any Script, as the brick gets built only if the price moves up or down by the Brick size fro the top or bottom of the last brick. Is this sounding confusing, let me explain in further detail from the above image.

In the image above, the last closed price of BANKNIFTY Future is Rs. 27,724 and the Brick size is Rs. 4. There can be two chances for the next brick formation. 1st, the next brick can be a up Green brick or down Red brick. To create an up brick, the price have to move up to Rs. 27,728 (i.e. 4 Rs up from last closed price) or to create a Red down brick, the price need to move down to Rs. 27,716 (Rs 8 down from last bricks closed price, as last brick is a Green brick).

Please do remember to get a new brick formation in the chart price need to move Rs 4 up from last bricks closed price (in case last brick is Green brick) or Rs 8 up from last bricks closed price (if last brick is red brick) and visa versa for Red brick formation.

Benefits of using RENKO chart

Renko eliminates high, low or open prices. Consider Reno chart as candle of closed prices, as Renko chart is not dependent on time. Time can keep moving but Renko can remain unchanged without any brick movement if the close price has not crossed the brick size as mentioned above. This charting pattern gives trader an edge as Renko eliminates to create any new brick for small price movement according to its brick size.

In case Trader want to capture price volatility then choose small brick size, if trader want stable price movement then choose long brick size. Brick size can start as small as 0.001 to 10 or more based o the the underlying Stock price. If the Stock price is more then trader need to consider big brick size, if Stock price is less then Brick size should be low. There are different approaches to trade using Renko chart.

How to Trade using Renko: To trade using renko, the main challange is setting up the Brick size. If you can choose the right brick size then you can won the game. Choosing Brick size shall depend on the script price, its volume of trade and volatility.

You can choose renko brick size on % of the script price, or fixed brick size based on your analysis. You can also use ATR(14) range if you want a variable brick size.

Drawback of Renko chart

There is no drawback of Renko chart, only restriction is we can’t really plot any indicator with RENKO. Renko is a self sufficient chart cum signal generator, each brick of a Renko chart gives market direction for a script. As Renko chart is independent of time, hence if we plot any indicator along with Renko then that will give us erroneous result.

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