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We are a group of Computer Engineers and B School Grads, supporting you with decades of Trading and Computer development Experience


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We are DTM a start-up financial Technology services provider offering quant based next gen trading products.   We aim to offer Institutional standard products for retail Traders in Indian Stock market at affordable price.



We are a Team of experienced and talented professionals, with NiSM Certification.



Passion, integrity, relationship, trust and continuous innovation are the traits we strongly believe.



DTM Team believes in quality team work. Because the quality of team determines the product value.

Since 2020

We started our Algo Trading Journey from mid of 2020. We extended our horizon by offering Algorithm development, Automating your strategy and  Robo trading facility. And this is just the beginning, and we promise to offer the best possible Trading solutions in coming days.

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When you are trading in Stock Market, few things are to be kept in mind before you take your decision. Make sure you are patient, calm and hopeful. If you are thinking of establishing yourself in stocks you need to establish your mental anxiety peacefully. Don’t take decisions hastily with over enthusiasm. The stock market is all about who stays in the race till the end. If you are mentally stable then you can lead it till the very end. But the moment you lose your temper you might loose the entire game.

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Connect with us, we promise that we shall give our best to help you.

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Let us discuss to understand your requirement in detail, so that we can take best foot forward.

Achieve your goals

We can help you to plan and achieve your short term goal and long term goal. We can not promise, but we shall try our best.
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Questions And Answers

This shall be a common questions every one need to ask before going ahead with Robo Trading. Robo trading or Algorithm based automatic trade execution can help us to follow strict instructions in any market condition and in long run Robo trade shall always a winner over manual trade, which most of the trader can’t visualize in short term. Hence with the advancement of technology, Robo trade will be the only option to earn consistence income from Stock market.

Robo Trade as it says is a computer generated algorithm based trade execution, which is dependent on computer infrastructure, data and connectivity. You should check the data vendor should be NSE authorized data vendor, the Broker is SEBI registered authorized for Robo trade, the Strategy shall run in cloud environment for 99.999% availability.

You should also check the risk vs reward ratio of the strategy, consider slippage cost atleast 1% annually.

Please do consider that there will be some technical problems as this is dependent on technology, and that is unknown and unforeseen.

You can get the trial from Tradetron or also from our marketplace. If you are unable to find free trials, then as an alternative, we have made Live trading demo video and backtesting video available in our Youtube channel.

Yes, absolutely. You can track all your trades on a daily basis. You shall have access to your trading account and can check your available fund, open position and P/L on a daily basis. You can exit from your position too by paying our service charge.

Please try to contact us during office hours, in case we fail to receive your call, please don’t get disheartened. Our advance apologies, we might be busy with something and missed your call. Please Whatsapp us or email us. We shall call you back once we are free to talk.

Please don’t worry, we shall try our best to help you to recover from your bad phase. Please remember Stock market is all about profit and loss as this is a zero sum game. Be positive and patient to win the game.

We are not SEBI registered finance advisors, we are Algo traders, who trade based on securities and commodities based on certain pre defined strategies. Which is back tested and proved profitable.

It depends on your need. Trading can’t give any permanent solution to any of your immediate funds need. This is a process, a habit, a system which shall yield result with time.

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