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GSec and Mutualfund Investing

Mutual funds pool money from investors to create diversified portfolios, managed by professionals, providing accessible, diversified, and expertly managed investments.

Develop Trading bot

Development Time: 7 Days
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Equity Investing

Equity investment

Equity investment involves buying shares of a company, granting ownership and potential for profit as the company grows. Our Algo based strategy help us to identify the stock on time.

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You can join our Trading Family and let your clients trade in our Algos
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Equity Trading

Tradw in largecap equity with Algo

Equity algorithmic trading employs computer programs to execute buy/sell orders based on predetermined criteria, aiming for optimized returns.

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Robo Trading

Execute your trading Algos

Once your algorithm is ready, you need a Robo tool to execute your signal. We also offer Robo execution tool DTM Setu with an extra cost. This tool shall accept signals from your Algo and place them in your trading terminal for execution.

Integration with our Execution Engine

Duration: 1 Day for Configured Broker and 7 days for new Broker.
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We provide best support stay ahead of other Investors

100% safety

Your fund is 100% safe at your own Demat account

100% Confidentiality

We shall never share your personal and investment details with any 3rd party

Best Growth Plan

We offer best possible growth of your fund as we deal with AI based investment bots.

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