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Option trading is the most challenging when it comes to Buying Option without hedge position and we all know option buy can give us unlimited profit whereas option short can give us unlimited loss.

But in intraday there is no unlimited profit or unlimited loss in any strategy. This strategy BOT is momentum based strategy, so this is relatively high risk and High return based strategy with 45% winning ratio, with 6% system drawdown.

The BOT is designed for BANKNIFTY  as underlying and it takes Options buy only trades.  Trade can be on either Call or Put options on intraday basis based on Banknifty’s movements. In a day there shall be only one Call or one Put option trade but no multiple trade is planned in a day.

If you want to subscribe to this strategy then you can go to our marketplace and subscribe. 

OptionZoom has strict StopLoss and Target with a Trailing Stop Loss where the risk reward ratio of 1:5, where StopLoss is 25% and Target is 60% of the Premium cost.

Daily Risk: Can go up to  Rs. 1,500/- is the maximum risk per day if trade goes wrong (Approximate). 

Daily Reward: Up to Rs. 2,500/- is the maximum profit per day if target hits (Approximate).

Return on Investment

Considering the price range of BANKNIFTY weekly options 1 Lot BANKNIFTY option of 25’s lot would cost approximate Rs. 7,500/- Average Monthly profit is Rs. 3,000. Theoretical monthly ROI is 40%.

After eliminating slippage cost and other contingencies let us consider  ROI as 25% Monthly.


Historical Data

2019 till 2020

  1. Qtr Profit/Loss Table
  2. Month wise Profit/Loss
OptionZoom Monthly is developed on Amibroker AFL, here you can get the Amibroker Report's snapshot.


Robo Trading Benefit
  1. No Human intervention while generating Buy or Sell
  2. No Human emotions involve while selecting Target or Stop Loss
  3. Order can be placed to a Broker terminal by an Algo System

Here is the Live trading video, this will help you to understand the execution lifecycle of our Strategy in Live market. 

Live Execution Demo

You may want to know

Required margin is Rs 7,500 (approximate), but we suggest to keep additional fund in your trading account to avoid frequent fund transfer for any loss.

This is an intraday strategy on Banknifty Options long only positions.

Please visit our Marketplace, then go to pricing plan. Choose the plan suit you the best and make the payment accordingly. 

We don’t commit on profit per month, but based on last few month’s real trade this strategy can generate 20% return on investment on a monthly basis. 

Yes, this is a fully automated strategy. There is no manual intervention, no installation, no cloud, no Amibroker no data plan is required.

No, this strategy is not for one time purchase, its on subscription model or on profit share model based.

After payment, please send us an email or Whatsapp with your payment information. We shall enable your subscription for auto trade.

Yes. This strategy can not guarantee profit in every month. Our team keep working on the strategy to ensure our client’s loose less.

Moreover with continuous trade, you will always be in profit at the end of a quarter.

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