Banknifty Option Buy

Undoubtedly, a very popular and your favorite Banknifty option buy algo Bot is  OptionZoom Prime.

Clearly, Banknifty Intraday option buy algo needs momentum support & we have designed the algo bot to catch that momentum. 

Points to Note:

  • This Banknifty option algo trading bot doesn’t generate daily signals, as Theta goes against option buy momentum support is very much needed in such case. 
  • In fact there is a notion, according to which option buy has potential of unlimited profit and option short can give unlimited loss.
  • Contrary to the above, there is no unlimited profit or unlimited loss in either option buy or short for intraday algos.
  • Clearly, option buy algo strategy BOT is based on momentum. Due to which , catching the  momentum needs thorough analysis,
  • Undoubtedly, it is a high risk and High return based bot considering the investment.

Additionally note that trades can be on either Call or Put options on intraday basis based on Banknifty movements. For instance, in a day there shall be only one Call or one Put option trade. Very rarely multiple trade shall trigger in a day. If Banknifty goes up then this bot buys Call option and if Banknifty moves down then it buys Put option.

In order to subscribe to Banknifty option algo trading bot ZoomPrime, please visit our marketplace

It should be noted that option ZoomPrime banknifty option buy Algo has strict stoploss and target with a trailing stoploss.

Above all the risk reward ratio is 1:3. The stoploss is 25% and Target is 80% of the Premium cost.

Stoploss: Can go upto  Rs. 1,500/-.

Target: Can go upto Rs. 5,000/- .

Return on Investment from banknifty option buy algo

Return on Investment

Firstly, the entry in this Banknifty option buy algo is generally at OTM (Out of the Money) option strike prices, where premium price ranges between Rs. 200 to 300.

Hence, the required margin against one lot of banknifty option Zoomprime bot is approximately Rs.7,500/-.

Especially during drawdown phase, we work on our algos to make them more relevant with the market conditions. And Banknifty Option Algo Trading bot ZoomPrime is no exception.


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As a rule, Please ensure you invest only your surplus fund into banknifty option buy Algo

You may want to know

Firstly, required margin for Intraday Banknifty Algo bot is Rs.7,500/- (approximate). However in addition to that we suggest/request to keep additional fund in your trading account. 

In short, this is an intraday strategy based on Banknifty options long only positions.

You can get the payment details in this Page

Although, we prefer not to commit on any profit ratios per month, but as per the last few month’s real trade history option Zoom can generate 30% return on investment, monthly.

Of course, this Banknifty Option buy Algo is a fully automated strategy bot.

For example, there is no manual intervention, no installation, no cloud, no Amibroker no data plan is required.

Furthermore, you can get this Intraday Banknifty algo bot in upfront subscription model or on profit share model based.

First and foremost, once the payment is done in our marketplace, the system shall automatically give you an option to select the bot. 

Subsequently, you can choose the Bot and deploy for live trading. 

To clarify, no strategy can guarantee profit every month. Intraday Banknifty algo bot Option Zoom is not an exception.

It should be noted  that our team keeps working on the strategy to ensure your funds safety.

Importantly, with regular trades your chances are  surely better to be in profit.

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