This shall be a common questions every one need to ask before going ahead with Robo Trading. Robo trading or Algorithm based automatic trade execution can help us to follow strict instructions in any market condition and in long run Robo trade shall always a winner over manual trade, which most of the trader can’t visualize in short term. Hence with the advancement of technology, Robo trade will be the only option of systematic Trade.

This is a very basic level question we receive from retail traders. Please note, there is no best or worst strategy, as as a strategy bot maker we shall never keep any non performing bots in our Marketplace. When you want to choose a perfect bot for you, please consider what risk can you take per day and what return are you expecting. Based on that you can decide your portfolio.

Please use our Portfolio Calculator


Yes, Trial is available in our marketplace for FREE.

No, we do not encourage any trader to exit of their own. This will reduce the overall Risk/Reward significantly. We recommend, check our strategy Bots live market performance and then deploy which suits you the best. But please do not plan to exit of your own, exiting on our wish shall convert Robo trading as discretionary trading and degrade its performance.

It depends on what is your expectation. Our bot specific minimum margin requirement is Rs. 7500/-. But that never means by investing only 10K you are good to go. 

Please check the drawdown of that bot, daily drawdown and max drawdown, that will help you what can be the maximum loss you have in that bot. If that loss is acceptable to you then go ahead and deploy it. 

Yes, absolutely. You can run that and our Robo tool can help you to execute your algo in your trading account. You shall have your own infrastructure for the setup.

Slippage cost is the cost, which occurs during running market while placing an order at a pre defined price. The difference between the pre defined price and actual order execution price is the slippage cost.

Slippage cost always impacts our Profit, this is due to the difference between signal generated price and actual execution price.

You can subscribe to our strategies if you have trading account on ALiceblue or Mastertrust or IIFL. Soon we shall also integrate with AngelOne, Zebu and FInvAsia. 

Go to our marketplace (Home – DTM ( then create your profile, create APIs and make the payment plan as per your Bit deployment requirement. Once payment is done, go to your my strategy page and deploy the strategy.

Subscription plan is advance payment before starting of the quarter, whereas profit sharing plan is after the quarter ends. Moreover, subscription plan doesn’t consider losses, whereas profit sharing plan discounts payments during loss making quarters.

Not at all, this product is suitable for working professional, who don’t have time to analyse the market or doesn’t know anything about technical analysis, but want to get passive income from the market. Please ensure you have watched the video in detail and understood the risk associated with any strategy.

You can pay via online, we have integrated with Razorpay.

Absolutely not.

Your trading account will be 100% yours. No Algo bot can access your trading account or manage your fund. Algo bot shall only place trade orders via Broker API connectivity to your trading account. 

We try not to confuse Trader while choosing a Strategy bot. We consider any trader who will come to DTMAlgo may not have much knowledge about Trading, and algo trading. Hence our job is the following.

  • We offer time tested Bots which is running in live market for some time.
  • We have very few Bots to avoid confusion what too choose and what not
  • We do not encourage anyone to create Bots on our platform to have only quality bots in our marketplace which we have tested in our system
  • We provide Bots for low investment. In our marketplace with a minimum investment of Rs. 7,500/- you can start algo trading.


We have created a separate page on how to create API. Please visit the page below.


Please visit this page to become a postpaid member. To become a postpaid member minimum investment required is Rs. 5L nd above.

How to become postpaid member.

We are not SEBI registered finance advisors.

Neither we claim to be a Financial Advisor. We develop Algo trading bots, based on historical data which is running in live market for few years. 

Please contact us via Whatsapp or email (DO not call) in this situation. 

Whatsapp no: 9875666987


mention your user id and registered email. We shall solve your problem and respond you ASAP. 

This is a myth, Algo trading is for all traders who have a trading account. Young traders have the inclination towards technology, they love technology. But any trader of any age group can become an Algo trader, and that the main objective of algo trading to generate passive income for all. 

Yes, you can. In our marketplace, once you are logged on, you can see all your active trades under Trade page.

However to avoid wrong usage of our trade signals we post the signals later than actual trade time. Meaning the trade you shall get in your DTMAlgo profile shall not be real time. 

Yes, though we do not have mobile app yet, but our Marketplace web version is mobile compatible. 

This is a very subjective question. As profit and loss is completely depend on market condition. Historically we have seen, if any trader continue to trade without missing any single day, then our strategy bot can generate average 5-6% monthly return on investment. 

No. We can’t guarantee any return as market is not in our control at all. Our job is to develop Strategy bots which can generate profits, but there is no guarantee of return.  

Currently we do not have that option available, but soon we shall launch referral bonus for all our DTMAlgo family members. 

Yes. If yo have subscribe to any pricing plan and before expiring want to subscribe either higher or lower pricing plans, you can very well do that. Both the pricing plan shall be valid based on the subscription date and shall be active.


In your DTMAlgo profile, there is a message board. On that Message board you shall have all the details of your execution. You need to logon to your DTMAlgo profile to check that.

Currently we don’t have it, but very soon it will be available. 

Its completely automated. After payment, if you don’t see the strategy table on your “My Subscription” page then please contact us at we shall help you.

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