Hasslefree Algo Development By DTM Algo

Create Custom Algorithm To Automate Trading signal.

Amibroker AFL development

We need detailed specifications of your strategy, which includes indicators, their use to generate Buy and Sell signals and Short and Cover signals. Additionally if you need any indicators for display and data you want to set as parameter etc. Additionally if you need scan, exploration optimization (if any). These details must be complete and comprehensive to avoid unwanted rework and additional effort or time expenditure.

Please also mention if you need Robo tool for execution. Robo tool helps to catch signals from your Algo and send it to your Broker terminal for execution. 

We can also help you to setup your Trading desk, where Algo shall be setup on cloud with RT data for your Algo to run and generate signals and Robo tool shall catch those signals and place trades to your Broker terminal for execution. 


Develop Strategy into AFL

Once you have your strategy conditions written down into email. We shall convert that thought into a program using Amibroker AFL. Strategy development charge varies from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 25000 based on the complexity of your strategy.

Develop Strategy into AFL

Development Hours: 7 Days
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Trading Desk

Setup Trading desk on Cloud

We can help you to create your own Cloud based trading desk for Fully Automated Algo trading. If you have any running Algorithm and want to convert that into a fully automated system, then we can help you with the solution.

Cloud based trading desk

Setup time: 1 Day
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Optimize fields to maximize profit

Optimization is again an important feature of Amibroker, and important as this helps the strategy to maximize profit. Optimization is an additional charge beyond AFL development and demands Consultancy charge.

Optimize fields to maximize profit

Duration: 1 Day to 7 Days
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Robo Execution

Setup your Trading desk with Robo execution

Once your algorithm is ready, you need a Robo tool to execute your signal. We also offer Robo execution tool DTM Agni. This tool shall accept signals from your Algo and place them in your trading terminal for execution.

Integration to Robo tool with your Broker need API

Duration: 1 Day for Configured Broker and 7 days for new Broker.
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We provide best after support stay ahead of other traders

100% Money safety

If we can't deliver your strategy as per specification, we shall return your fund without any question asked


We maintain strict confidentiality of all logic you share with us. No Disclosure whatsoever.

Post Delivery Support

We shall continue to support you till the strategy is ready as per your requirement

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