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Algo Trading in India is just about to began and its just the inception. The right time for new traders and seasoned traders to convert their traditional manual trading into Algorithm based trading.

What exactly is Algo Trading:

Algo trading is trading using pre defined conditions via a computer program. Where a computer program gives the Buy/Sell signals based on those pre defined conditions. Algo trading stands for Algorithmic trading. Why it is Algorithmic trading, as the strategy is developed using some algorithm hence its called algorithmic trading in short algo trading.  Any trader who is currently trading using their trading conditions can be converted into computer based programs, which helps trader to trade with 100% accuracy and strict discipline. To convert any strategy into a computer program, a trader need to either learn the programming language i.e. Amibroker AFL, Python, C# etc. or can hire a developer who can help a trader to convert their strategies into a native programming language.

There are many Discount brokers in India who offers various tools for Automated trading or Algo trading. I don’t want to comment on those tools as personally I never used them. To become a successful algorithmic trader, you need to have your own setup. Which includes Strategy, RT Data and Cloud setup. For any algo trader these three are a must to have.

How to Start Algo Trading:

Algo trading is going to be the future of trading, where majority of traders shall place order execution automatically with the help of computer. If you know the basic coding you can also build your algo desk and trade automatically. If you are not aware of algorithm development, then there are many service providers who can help you to not only automate your strategies but also automate the end to end trading. We from DTM Algo can help you to setup your algo trading desk. You can visit us to know more about us and our products.

Minimum requirement for Algo trading is:

  1. A successful Strategy
  2. Automate that strategy in any of the language (we do AFL, the simplest and powerful among all existing languages)
  3. Running market data provider – search for NSE authorized data vendor
  4. Cloud VPS for uninterrupted connectivity from your Strategy to trading terminal.

Now with the above infrastructure, you are good to go. Its simple, its easy and for all.


Algo Strategies:

Algo strategies can be developed custom made, based on traders request ot readily available by the experienced algo development firms/companies. We are one of the Algo development company in India who develops Algo systems on customer requirement. We also have highly competitive strategies running in the market for BANKNIFTY options, NIFTY future and CrudeOil. There are many more strategies to come in near future. We also have strategy for Equity trade. As a trader you can browse our product catalogue to know more about our Algo products.

I shall write a separate blog on each of our Algo Trading strategies for any trader’s reference.



DTM Financial Solutions, is a financial solution company deals with software based trading products for Intraday and swing trading in Indian market. We are here to help Indian traders with Algo trading, AFL strategy building, and robo trading.

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