NIFTY Weekly Option Short Algo trading - WiDiSH

Unlike other positional Bots, Weekly Option Short Algo Nifty WiDiSH is for those Traders who wants to trade with low margin and wants to capitalize directional movement of banknifty.

This NIfty Weekly Option Algo bot is designed as Iron Condor, where two far OTM options are bought and two ATM/near OTM option short takes place. Where based on Nifty’s direction, the bot shall Short ATM Call or PUT and simultaneously Shorts 5 OTM PUT or Call respectively. If Nifty gives downtrend, then the bot Shorts Call ATM and if Nifty gives uptrend then the bot shorts ATM Put. While Shorting ATM Call or Put and its respective 5 OTM Put and Call, it also buys far OTM Call and Put to minimize the margin requirement. 

To begin with investment, it is approximately Rs. 1 Lakh.

Risk and Reward:

Compare to typical strangle or straddle, Nifty WiDiSH generally gives less return as it is an Iron Condor and far OTM Options ends worthless. However as the margin reduces by 50% by converting a strangle into an iron condor, this bot has a potential to generate higher ROI. In summary this bot has higher return potential compare to typical Straddle or strangle.

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Investment Requirement

Fully Automated-Iron-Condor

In case of Weekly Option Short Algo WiDiSH the margin requirement is Rs. 85,000/-. In the left image you can see the probable loss and profit in this strategy setup.

Importantly, in Nifty WiDiSH iron condor strategy bot hence there is always a limited risk.

As a rule, Please ensure you invest only your surplus fund, for Banknifty options short algo bot

Additionally, You may want to know

Firstly, the required margin is Rs.100,000/- (approximate), however in addition to that we suggest/request to keep additional fund.

To clarify, this is a weekly positional bot on Banknifty Options.

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Although, we cannot commit any profit, as profit and loss are completely based on the market condition. But as per the last few months’ real trade history this bot can generate 3-5% return average monthly return if can run for longer term.

Of course, this is a fully automated strategy.

For example, there is no manual intervention, no installation, no cloud, no Amibroker no data plan is required.

No, this strategy is not for one time purchase,

Furthermore, you can get this strategy in subscription model or on profit share model based.

First and foremost, once the payment is done in our marketplace, the system shall automatically give you an option to select the bot. 

Subsequently, you can choose the Bot and deploy the bot for live trading. 

To clarify , no strategy can guarantee profit every month.

It should be noted  that our team keeps working on the strategy to ensure your funds safety.

Importantly, with regular trades your chances are  surely better to be in profit.

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