Option Trading System

OTS is Option trading system for Indian market. Where a Trader can design their option strike price, target, SL Buy leg, Short leg everything.

This Amibroker AFL program shall enable any trader to automate their existing manual option trading with ease.

As a trader you can use this as option buying system or option shorting system or both. You can even combine and build Short straddle, short strangle or Iron Condor. Choose the strike price you want to setup. Please visit our Iron Condor strategy details blog post, this will help to understand the use of a fully automated Option trading system.

This Amibroker based Option Trading System has all facility a Trader need for multiple leg (4 Leg) option strategy development for Intraday or positional Trade. Available first time in India for retail traders and sub Brokers. This trading system is integrated with our own execution engine. Which enables this system to trade for multiple clients accounts seamlessly.

Select the strike price of your choice, select MIS or Normal order to continue the trade till market closure, place buy or short order per your strategy’s need. If you have plans to develop any strategy with more than 4 leg, that can also me modified in this trading system. 

The system calculates profit and Loss of its own and based on strategy level profit you can exit from the trade. Set your SL and Target as per your strategy. You can visit our marketplace to know few of our live strategy bots on Banknifty and Nifty options. 

Option Trading System
Good to know
  • Can use for only Option Buy
  • You can configure for only option short
  • Both Call and Put option Short together to make it Straddle or Strangle
  • Configure Iron condor with 4 leg option building.
Subscription Model

This Trading system can be purchased as one time payment basis.

Payment Plan

One Time

  • Free Upgrade for 1 year
  • Support available
  • Payment is non refundable
  • Robo ready - Additional cost
  • Customizable - Additional cost
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