Option Trading System

About OTS

This Amibroker based Option Trading System has all facility a Trader need for multiple leg (4 Leg) option strategy development for Intraday Trade. Available first time in India for retail traders and sub Brokers. This trading system is integrated with DTMSetu, makes it even more strong, where you no need to subscribe for another Robo tool for execution, we have end to end solution for your Intraday Option Trade.

Select the strike price of your choice, select MIS or Normal order to continue the trade till market closure, place buy or short order per your strategy’s need. If you have plans to develop any strategy with more than 4 leg, that can also me modified in this trading system. 

The system calculates profit and Loss of its own and based on strategy level profit you can exit from the trade. Set your SL and Target as per your strategy.

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Trade with confidence, this trading system gives a confidence where you can enter and exit based on button any time. 

Subscription Model

This Trading system is in Subscription Model based payment. In case you feel this is not working for you then you can discontinue your renewal.

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