Investor's Agreement

This revenue-Sharing Agreement is between DTM Algo Fintech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and Investor, (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) .

The Parties hereby agree to the following terms and conditions that shall define and govern the relevant aspects of this Profit Sharing Agreement.

Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose

The prime purpose of this Agreement is to set the guidelines and describe a method to share the Business revenues among the Parties, that are fair, workable, and acceptable to both the Parties.

2. Duties

Party A that is, DTMAlgo shall be responsible to run their computer-based software called Algorithmic Strategies on Investment made by Party B.

Party B shall be responsible to maintain required fund in their account to ensure Trading bots can run uninterrupted as per the design and demonstration given by Party A.

3. Revenue-Sharing

Profits earned from the Investment made by the investor that is Party B shall be shared with Party A in consideration of the following.

  • “Profits” shall be deemed to be calculated by the additional income generated from investment made by Party B after deducting all expenses, which excludes brokerage, STT and GST as applicable.
  • “Loss” shall be deemed to be calculated by the loss of fund from investment made by Party B including all expenses made that is brokerage, STT and GST as applicable.
  • In case of “Loss”, that lost amount shall be adjusted with the “Profit” earned in successive month to calculate the net “Profit”.
  • Payout to Party A shall be on the “Profit” earned from the investment only. In case of “Loss” there is no payout to Party A.

In consideration of the duties performed by Party A and Party B, party B shall be liable to pay Party A, a minimum consideration of 10% of the “Profit” earned. 

The profit share shall increase of Party A can generate profit more than 5% calculated on monthly basis on the invested amount by Party B based on the below considerations.

  • If profit is less then 5% then 15% of the total profit earned
  • If profit is more than 5% then based on the calculation mentioned below.  

If the Investment is Rs. 1,00,00,000 and profit generated is 9% = (5%+4%), then the profit share calculation shall be:

Total Profit: = 1,00,00,000*(5%+4%) = 9,00,000

5% profit is = P5 = 1,00,00,000*5% = 5,00,000

Delta Profit = Pd = 1,00,00,000*4% = 4,00,000

Profit share Part 1: P5*15% = 5,00,000*15% = 1,35,000

Profit share Part 2: Pd *20% = 4,00,000*20 = 80,000

Total Profit Share =  Part 1 + Part 2 = 1,35,000 + 80,000 = 2,15,000


4. Payouts

Given below shall be the standard responsibilities of the Parties in terms of Payouts and Profit-Sharing in order of financial distribution, based on every project or job. 

  • Payout shall be given within 7 working days after the invoice got generated.
  • No payout shall be give in case of “Loss”.


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