Steps to become Postpaid Member

We are offering Post paid option to all our clients, where any Trader who wants to become a member of DTMAlgo family can follow the below mentioned process and become our post paid member. 


Step 1

Open Trading Account

Click in the below button to open a new Trading account with us

Step 2

Fill your Details

Please update your Personal and Broker details in “My Details” Page.

Update Your Name, Broker ID,PW, 2FA and API details. 

To know how to create API, please click the button below.

Step 3

Apply for Postpaid

Go to Pricing page

and Postpaid tab, then click “Submit for Approval”. This completes your required steps to become a Postpaid member. 

Detailed Video
Good to know

There are many benefits to become our Postpaid Member.

  1. Zero upfront charge to join DTMAlgo family. 
  2. End to end automation, no involvement required from your end on a daily basis
  3. Can watch live trade details on our marketplace Home – DTM (
  4. Lightning fast execution cause reduced slippage cost
Cancel at any time

For any reason you can drop your relationship with us any time, there is no holding time at all. 

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