Algo Trading Setup Procedure

To kick start Algo Trading,  you have to first register at Home – DTM ( Upon registration create your profile by updating your personal and broker API details as required. Once your profile is created you are ready for Priceplan selection. Choose price plan based on your investment as mentioned on each priceplan. Once your payment is complete. you can see your “My Subscription” shall be enabled as per plan. After payment if you face any challenge, please contact us

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Doe's and Don'ts


  1. Login daily if your broker has requested for that before everyday 8:30 am
  2. Do not log in to your trading account during trading window.
  3. Watch your trade details only at your Home – DTM ( profile “My Trades” page.
  4. Join in our Telegram channel for all broadcast. 
Cancel at any time

For any reason you can drop your relationship with us any time, there is no holding time at all. 

Step 1

Open Trading Account

If you do not have a trading account with our preferred brokers, then open a trading account now. You can ignore this step if you already have Trading account with our preferred broker.

Step 2


Register at DTMAlgo and update your Personal and Broker details in “My Details” Page. Please fill all mandatory fields.

To know how to create API, please click the button below.

Update Trading details on DTMAlgo Marketplace

Step 3


Go to Pricing page and choose your pricing plan

Prepaid Plan: Prepaid Members can choose the Pricing package based on your investment and make the payment. 

Postpaid Plan: Please contact us to get yourself onboarded under postpaid plan. 

Step 4


Now go to “My Subscription” page and deploy the strategies as per your pricing plan subscription. After subscription deploy the strategies and you are ready to run Algo trading.

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulties while subscribing the Strategies.

Join in our Telegram channel for regular trade related updates

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