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Our goal is to provide retail traders with affordable access to Institutional-grade Algorithmic trading bots that operate completely autonomously. With DTMAlgo, you can engage in trading using our Algo trading bots without the need for any manual involvement. All our Algo Trading or Robo trading bots have undergone rigorous testing in live markets and have been running successfully for over three years.

Our Algo Trading bots differ from conventional ones. Instead of focusing solely on generating high returns, our main goal is to prioritize safe investments and minimize drawdown. This is why we dedicate substantial time to the development of our bots. With our Robo Trading bots, there is no need to download any software or possess any data. Our fully automated trading operates on the cloud and can be conveniently accessed from any device.

Steps to set up Algo Trading

We offer Fully Automated algo trading Bots for Retail Traders.  Our Bots are Intraday as well as Index based Positional bot


Update your profile and authorize



Select Bots and deploy.



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As a Quantitative Trader or Quant traders we try to take advantage of technology and data analysis to build a model using technical analysis to build Algo Trading bots. These quant based Algo Trading bots gets developed using a computer program called an Algorithm. The model or Algorithm based computer program is then backtested to check its result. If favorable results are achieved by the Algo, then the same gets implemented in real-time markets with real money.

Dedication that matters

Algorithmic trading offers a wide range of benefits that is reshaping the financial market. From increased efficiency to improved accuracy and risk management, algo trading provides traders with a powerful approach to enhance their trading activities. By leveraging technology and data-driven decision-making, algo trading has become an integral part of modern trading strategies, empowering traders to stay competitive in dynamic markets.

We do not commit or Guarantee any Return

We aim to minimize the risk, profit is the byproduct of algotrading, however we cannot predict Future performance.

You may want to know

No. Its completely on the web and cloud, no software to download, no infrastructure cost is involved at your end.

No, we are not registered with SEBI. We do not provide any trade advice. We have trading algorithms which generates automated buy and sell signals which takes automatic trades. 

These are fully automated algo strategy bots. Starting from signal generation till execution is automated. As a trader you don’t need to perform any action, just register and configure your setup one time and rest all is fully automated.

This is a common question all trader asks. We want to mention that algo trading is always profitable and gives consistent return, only if one can run Algo trade for long term. None of our Algos can ensure guaranteed monthly return. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any FREE plan, you can join in our Telegram channel where you can get daily strategy live market performance. 

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What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

Sameer Satpute
Sameer SatputeJunior Data Scientist
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"I always assumed making money through trading is something that only trading experts get to do. But DTMalgo is an innovative platform that is based purely on scientific calculations and in-depth market knowledge. It has helped me, a complete trading novice, make big bucks. I am delightfully surprised how easy it is to crack capital market trading with DTMalgo."
Mandeep Singh Wasu
Mandeep Singh WasuIT Consultant
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"I am very much impressed with your Algo tool for intraday trading and your service, its a pleasant experience so far. Never had any difficulty to access or get any update, you are prompt and very efficient in your action. All the very best DTM"
Amit Ashok Jethmalani
Amit Ashok Jethmalani
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"My experience with algo trading has been amazing. As ull say that u live u to ur expectations. No false promises".
Preetesh Damania
Preetesh DamaniaHead - Finance
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"My experience with DTM has been fantastic. Prior to joining DTM, I also tried Tradetron, Algobulls, Arthaalab etc but I lost my money. I joined DTM few months back and I got absolute return of more than 50% in less than 6 month. The best part about DTM is, they have various strategies so our risk is spread against all and even if some strategies performs, we can make money during the month. All Algo strategies works automatically and there is no human intervention from our side. This is best for people who are busy in their job and who don’t have time to learn technical analysis and apply their knowledge. Client support provided by Surajit Chatterjee is outstanding. Sometime even if I send message in late evening, he make sure to reply and attend to client’s query. He is very helpful and supportive. Overall I am very satisfied with DTM as my return is amazing. I am looking forward to long term association with DTM"
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