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Algo based Robo Trading on Cloud

We offer strategy development, Robo setup and ready to use algos for both novice and experienced Traders. Robo Trading strategies are automated for Robo Trade

Have your strategy ready and want to run it in live market? We are excited to help you automate your algo to run in Live market through Robo Trade.

Got an idea? Share your trading idea, we can help you to build an algorithm to run that in Amibroker. We can also backtest & Optimize your strategy.

Steps to set up Robo Trading

We have Fully Automated Strategies for Robo Trade, you can choose from our existing product range


Select your Strategy

Select the Strategy, from our existing Robo based products (Option Long, BANKNIFTY FUT, Option Hedge etc.)


Open Trading Account

You need to create a new Trading Account with us, to enable Robo Trading and get Fee Strategy


Run the Strategy

Invest required Fund for trading, details is available on Strategy selection page. And run the robo. Fully Automated

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You may want to know

No. You no need to have any setup of your own. Everything is on cloud and no setup is required at your end. You just need to subscribe to the Algo and configure your broker account.

Yes, absolutely. You can track all your trades on a daily basis. You shall have access to your trading details online on the cloud. You can exit from your position based on the P&L.

These are fully automated algo strategies, where starting from signal generation till execution is automated. As a trader you don’t need to perform any action other than one time authorization for algo trade once in the morning.

This is a common question all trader asks. We want to mention that algo trading is always profitable and gives consistent return if can run for long term (minimum beyond 3 months). None of our Algos can ensure  guaranteed monthly return. However all have potential to return 50% of your investment in 3 months. However we can’t predict market condition, hence profit is subjected to market condition.

You can get the trial from Tradetron or also from our marketplace. If you are unable to find free trials, then as an alternative, we have made Live trading demo video and backtesting video available in our Youtube channel.

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Short Straddle

Short Straddle – The winner in Intraday Trade This is by far the most popular Option Shorting strategy for Intraday traders as well as positional

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