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We aim to offer fully automated Institutional standard Trading products for retail traders at affordable price. 

Steps to set up Algo Trading

We have Fully Automated Strategies for Robo Trade, you can choose from our existing product range


Register at our marketplace

First visit Marketplace 

And register yourself as an Algo Trader


Choose Paymemnt Plan

Choose your preferable pricing plan i.e. Prepaid or Postpaid


Build Strategy Canvas

Choose the strategies from our Strategy Canvas and build your own portfolio


Update My Details Page

Update your My details page with API and other details. 

Viola you are ready for Algo trading. 

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You may want to know

No. Its completely on the web and cloud.

No, we do not offer exit at wish during execution phase, with this option Risk reward goes into a toss. 

These are fully automated algo strategies, where starting from signal generation till execution is automated. As a trader you don’t need to perform any action, just register and configure your setup one time and rest all is fully automated.

This is a common question all trader asks. We want to mention that algo trading is always profitable and gives consistent return, only if one can run Algo trade for long term. None of our Algos can ensure  guaranteed monthly return. We recommend to watch our Strategy live market performance of last one year, which can enable you the strategies potential. 

Yes, you can choose FREE pricing plan from our marketplace to avail trial. 

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