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Before discussing about Amibroker, we should first understand what is ALGO trading. Algo trading is trading using a software program, with certain pre defined criteria defined by the trader called Strategy.

Algo Trading helps us to avoid human intervention and human emotions specially during execution. With no time we can see the revolution in trading, they way trading is getting automated at the highest level in India that in another 10-15 years almost every trade will possibly be algo trade.  All Brokers have their online trading system to trade from any where any time, some of them have auto execution algo system APIs to take position into their broker terminal.

To design and develop your algo system, there are few tools and programming language available, Amibroker is one of them and by far the best tool to generate automated trading signals.

AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) is very simple programming language, like any other programming language, but the main difference is it works as an array. Programming is all about the concept of writing something to do the desired job, AFL is no different, its rich inbuilt functions make it very easy for any developer to develop any strategy they want to deliver.

AFL is similar and simpler than C and JScript and easier to use. The major difference of AFL language is that is works on the concept of array processing. AmiBroker can process entire arrays of data without using loop which makes it faster and easier to use than other programming language. This makes it possible to run your formulas at the same speed as code written in assembler language.

New Features: There are so many features Amibroker offers i.e portfolio backtesting and optimization, Batch processing, debugger allows you to watch the variables in run-time to understand how the formula is performing.

You can explore the code outcome by evaluating the field values in column format, this will help you to check how your field values are performing based on your calculations.

Scan can help you to scan Scripts based on your strategy, this cool feature is helpful to run suitable scripts for a strategy.

Video Tutorials: If you want Step by Step Amibroker installation, EOD data feed and strategy buildup video tutorials, then visit our website link:

The video tutorial contains the following:

  1. How to Download and install Amibroker
  2. Create and configure database with data
  3. Create sample price chart
  4. Plot indicators in the chart
  5. Create your own AFL codes – Part-1
  6. Create your own AFL codes – Part-2
  7. Forward test the Strategy
  8. Back-test your strategy
  9. Create your own Trading System

Few important links to kick start Amibroker learning.

Understand the concept of array processing <- Click the link

Amibroker Knowledge base <- Click the link

Amibroker Forum: <- Click the link

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DTM Financial Solutions, is a financial solution company deals with software based trading products for Intraday and swing trading in Indian market. We are here to help Indian traders with Algo trading, AFL strategy building, and robo trading.

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