beat NIFTY Index with Algo trading

How to beat NIFTY index return

Well, we are targeting to beat NIFTY return with an investment product, first question shall come in our mind is it possible to beat NIFTY.  Answer to this question is YES.

We can surely beat NIFTY, but the product has to be well tested, live running in the market to ensure its capability and available for retail traders with high liquidity. 

The next question can be is this an Index fund? Answer is NO, its very tough to find any Index fund who can beat NIFTY significantly. Most of the Index funds are capable to generate return similar to or less than NIFTY. 

Then the next question will be, then which investment product can do that. Here is my answer to that final question, it is only possible with a NIFTY Future based positional Algo trading BOT. There is no other investment instrument/fund which can beat NIFTY significantly. 

How to choose the correct NIFTY trading BOT

For a trader its tough not only to relay on Algo trading bot, but also to identify an authentic Algo trading service. As Algo trading is very new in India and hardly any trader is aware about it. There are many algo trading service provider in multiple Algo trading marketplaces, which increases confusion on Algo trader’s mind. 


How to choose:

Generally to choose an Algo trading bot, its important to look for the duration of the service of the Algo trading service provider. Secondly the bot you are choosing, that bit should be running in live market for atleast more than 6 months. Thirdly the bots backtest should have been done for more than 3/4 years and backtest result and live trade result should generate similar return. 

Its true, that collecting the above data points are tough to get. Please note, if any Algo trading service provider hesitate to share the data then its always good not to associate with that service provider.  We from DTMAlgo provide Algo trading service for retail traders and our all Algo bots daily performance is available in our website. All bots historical backtested data is also available with live backtest video in our Youtube channel. 



We believe in transparency more than performance. Bots may perform good or average or bad based on market condition, but sharing the Bots actual performance data is absolutely necessary to offer reliable Algo trading service.   

Comparison between NIFTY Index and NIFTY ZenXO Performance

The objective of this post is to enable traders how they can earn more then NIFTy’s return. This paragraph shall compare the performance of NIFTY Index’s last 6 years data Vs our NIFTY Future based bot NIFTY-ZenXO.   

NIFTY Index performance chart

NIFTY Index performance chart

NIFTY Index chart from Zerodha kite charting.

NIFTY ZenX - NIFTY Future bots performance

Monthwise NIFTY ZenXO performance over last 6 years. All orange coloured boxes shall signify the negative return. Based on historical data, maximum loss in a month in last 6 years was -25,481.25 and maximum profit in a month was 1,05,933.75.

Performance table of NIFTY ZenX

In the above two charts, the first chart shows NIFTY Index performance from 2015 till 2022. We are comparing the performance of both NIFTY Index and our NIFTY Future based positional bot NIFTY ZenXO. 

While NIFTY Index has gained 14690-8284 = 6406 points, which gives us a profit of 6406 x 75 = Rs. 4,80,450/- (considering NIFTY Lot size as 75).

NIFTY ZenXO future positional bot has generated a profit of Rs. 10,22,465/- during the same period, considering 75 lot size.

Hence comparing both the return, NIFTY ZenxO Algo bot has generated 113% more than NIFTY Index. 

Disclaimer: The above trade data is the backtested return. Historical trade result cannot confirm future trade performance. 

This is just an indication of the strategies probable return for your analysis of bot deployment purpose. Please discuss with your financial adviser prior to invest into any Algo trading product, there a substantial risk associated with FNO trading.

The best benefit of investing your unused fund into NIFTY ZenXO is, it generates profit in falling market too. When NIFTY generate negative return, this bot generates positive return, that’s the major benefit trading or investing on Index future bot. 

If you want to know more details about this algo bot, then please visit our Marketplace by clicking the above button. 

You can see the live trading performance of this bot in the Performance chart link mentioned below. 

Surajit Chatterjee

Surajit Chatterjee

DTMAlgo, is a Fintech startup aim to offer fully automated institutional standard trading products for Retail Traders at affordable price.

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