Below table gets updated on a weekly basis, where the weekly performance of all our live running Algo trading bots are available. 

Please note the Margin required is maximum fund required to place the trade and minimum Investment is the amount you should invest against the bot’s deployment.  Monthly Return on investment  (ROI) shall be calculated based on the minimum investment not on margin requirement. 

You can click to the respective Strategy bots to get details of the bot mentioned below:

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Strategy Bot Performance
Bot Name Instrument Index Holding Type Current Month's Performance
4th Week 3rd Week 2nd Week 1st Week
Options Banknifty Intraday Buy Only 0 2800 -1300 0
Options Banknifty Intraday Buy Only -2950 3300 -5800 250
Options NIFTY Intraday Buy Only Sunset Sunset Sunset -1200
Future Banknifty Intraday Buy & Short 1150 2600 10400 6700
Options Banknifty Intraday Iron Condor 150 -1960 910 -200
Options Banknifty Swing Bull/Bear Spread -4600 3600 -4700 4100
Options NIFTY Swing Bull/Bear Spread 600 -1900 2700 2000
Options Banknifty Swing Iron Condor -4300 4400 -11800 8400
Options NIFTY Swing Iron Condor -950 1900 1500 3700
Future NIFTY Swing Buy & Short 1100 2200 -9650 -1700
Future Banknifty Swing Buy & Short -8650 12200 8000 1100
Options Banknifty Swing Option Short -1050 4900 1700 8400
Options Banknifty Swing Option Buy -970 4000 100 NEW
Options Banknifty Swing Option Short 6500 10400 7400 5700

Weekly P&L gets calculated from Friday till next expiry (i.e. Generally Thursday)

Disclaimer: The above trade result is the actual performance of our trading Algo bots in live market. This may nor may not match with all individual trades in respective broker accounts du to applicable slippage in execution. Historical trade result cannot confirm future trade performance.  This is just an indication of the strategies probable return. Please discuss with your financial adviser prior to invest into any Algo trading product.

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