DTMAlgo profile calculator can be used to factor the portfolio drawdown, ROI based o the investment. Please check the following two most important data points before finalyzing the bot setup. 

  • Daily drawdown – after selecting the bots for your portfolio
  • Get your Monthly ROI – Based on the daily drawdown.

This calculator shall help an investor to choose the preferred bot and understand the daily drawdown based on that setup and also the monthly expected ROI. All the calculation based on this calculator shall be based on the historical performance of all our bots. 

Watch this below video to know how to use this calculator

How to use

Please update the white cells above in the investment row, to get the calculated Daily Drawdown and Monthly expected Return on Investment (ROI) based on our Strategy Bots performances in past. Once you receive the Drawdown and ROI you can take a print of the version and keep with you as reference.


Fund Utilization: 

  • Option Long Bots: Please consider your fund utilization within 50% to avoid over trading.
  • Option Short Bots: Please consider your fund utilization within 80% to avoid over trading.





Disclaimer: The above calculations are completely subjective and might not exactly match with the actual return.

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