Option Hedge Supreme

This algo based strategy is for those traders, who wants to earn consistence regular income with less fund. Designed for Intraday Banknifty options.

Initial investment is less, hence risk is also less in this strategy. Please watch our Demo video to know more about the strategy and its backtested result. Backtest doesn’t consider slippage cost, which may reduce the overall ROI.

This is a Banknifty Hedging strategy, where we place order on both Call and Put side with a strick SL in both the strike prices, we also have strategy level Sl and Target to ensure we don’t loose profit for any unnatural movement in the market. This is a very simple low risk and consistence income generation Algo for all traders.

Daily Risk: Rs 2,000/- if SL hits.

Daily Reward: Rs. 5000/- if Target hits.

Return on Investment

We trade in 2 strike prices (Call and Put). Hence margin required is Rs. 60K (Intraday) Monthly profit is Rs. 3,55,000/22 = Rs. 16,000/-.

Assume Slippage cost is 35%, so Monthly profit after slippage cost would be Rs. 10,000/-


Historical Data

2019 till 2020



  1. Quarterly P/L
  2. Monthly Loss/Gain Bar

Please ensure you invest only your fund, not your major source of living

Algorithmic trading is a systemic trading.

We have designed this BANKNIFTY Option based Robo Trading Product Option Supreme, where we trade on 2 strike prices of BANKNIFTY options. Its is currently in offer with profit share model.


Initial investment for a trader is Rs. 60,000/-.


Here we shall take position in both Call and Put options together each day. Entry time shall depend on market volatility and time decay. 



Robo Trading Benefit
  1. No Human intervention while generating Buy or Sell
  2. No Human emotions involve while selecting Target or Stop Loss
  3. Order can be placed to a Broker terminal by an Algo System
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