Ethereum Investment Algo Bot - DTMCryptoBot-ETH

Unlike other strategy Bots, Ethereum algo bot is positional investment product. This bot is developed on 4 hours candlestick chart on Tradingview.

DTMCryptoBot-ETH,  is a positional bot for long term investment, it has ATR based Stoploss and Trailing stoploss. With ATR based TSL it helps the bot to continue the trend during uptrend and exit only during any probable reversal.

This bot runs on Ethereum Spot price, which means this can not be traded on Ethereum Futures. Hence there will be only Buy and Sell signal from the bot. No Short and Cover signal shall be generated.

Risk and Reward:

As the bot doesn’t have any defined stoploss and Target. This bot doesn’t have any defined Risk vs Reward. However based on the historical data the largest Win Vs Largest loss has 4:1 ratio. Where Target is 4 time larger than loss.

Unlike Stocks, Cryptocurrency is highly volatile. As a result, this bot has a potential to hit more Stoplosses or Trailing losses. However during trend it shall hold the position till the trend continues and exit only if there is a reversal.

The bot has a 41% winning probability. Which indicates out of 100 trades 41 trade shall be successful (winning trade). And 69 trades are losing trade

Ethereum Trading Bot

Return on Investment

Briefly, in Ethereum investment Bot you can expect to get double to profit compared to Buy and Hold Ethereum during the same period.

In fact, based on last Five year’s data ROI is 3100% in last 5 years.

Average yearly ROI is 620% 

Please ensure you invest only your surplus fund, not your major source of living

Robo Trading Benefit
  • Firstly there is no Human intervention while generating Buy or Sell signal by this bot.
  • Secondly, by Avoiding Emotions we can restrict our Losses. 
  •  And, most importantly Order shall be placed to the exchange directly in a fully automated mode.

You may want to know

Firstly, the investment depends on the exchange. If exchange accepts Rs. 1000/- as minimum investment for Ethereum trade then that shall be enough. 

This is an investment product. Where the bot shall only generate Buy signal when there is a probably uptrend. In short this is positional strategy bot. 

Although, we prefer not to commit on any profit specially on a monthly basis. As this is a investment product, its always good to plan this bot for long term investment. The profit needs to be calculated based on Ethereum spot price. 

You can get the payment details in this Page


Of course, this is a fully automated bot.

For example, there is no manual intervention, no installation, no cloud, no Tradingview subscription required.

The bot is available on Tradingrooms. Furthermore, you can get this strategy in upfront subscription model based.

First and foremost, once the payment is done in our marketplace, the system shall automatically give you an option to select the bot. 

Subsequently, you can choose the Bot and deploy for live trading. 

To clarify, no strategy can guarantee profit every month.

It should be noted  that our team keeps working on the strategy to ensure your funds safety.

Importantly, profit is dependent on crypto markets movement. By trading using this bot, probability is always high that you shall have less drawdown compare to buy and hold kind of investment. 

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