Robo Trading System based on NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Index as underlying

Trade using Automated Robo
Kolkata's first Algo based Robo Trading System service - Generate regular passive income

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NIFTY Avg 180% ROI - YoY

NIFTY Swing Trading Robo

This product is designed considering NIFTY as underlying asset. We have different plans suitable for, working professionals and home makers. It has less risk with very low drawdown with 39.7% success rate. We constantly upgrade our Trading system through Radical innovation


DTM-NRTS works in both up as well as down market conditions. Specially designed to restrict our Losses and gain more profit whenever possible. Drawdown is only 5.7% in last 5 years and Net profit is 111%. To Check out further details click below
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BankNIFTY Avg 225% ROI-YoY

BANKNIFTY Swing Trading Robo

This product is designed for high volatile BANKNIFTY swing, keeping in mind the risk factor and overall profitability. Strategy gives us 39% winning rate with low drawdown with 134% net profit in last 5 years


This Algo system is designed keeping in mind the market swing in either direction. With low drawdown investors will never panic with their portfolio. We have tested maximum drawdown of 6% in last 5 years. To Check out further details click below
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Simple 4 Steps to Robo Trading

As a first step, you need to just select the strategy you want invest in

After Strategy selection, open a trading account with our preferred Broker

Invest fund into your broker account, as per the strategy requirement

Once you completed all the actions above, your algo based robo is ready to run.

The Trading System

Hello all working Professionals, we bring to you a trading system which can trade on your behalf using Robo Trade. No need to follow the market trend, when to Buy and when to Sell, what shall be the target or Stop Loss, the System will do that by itself. To Get the messaging service of our Robo tool, join us in Telegram and enjoy NRTS and BnRTS.

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Intraday Screend Stocks

Note: This is only for display purpose. This data get refreshed at end of the trading session.


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