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DTM – Trendz Monkey is a Intraday Trading tool, which generates Buy and Sell signal based on certain market condition for Intraday Trade.

Our objective to not only educate Indian traders to trade with knowledge, but also help them with technology so that they can trade with optimum capabilities.

This product id developed on Amibroker AFL language, and any trader who is using Amibroker or want to use Amibroker can use this Trading Algo. 

This is not only a Algo Trading tool, but this can be converted into a Automated order execution Robo Trading System. A Robo trading tool, does automatic order execution based on the signal it receives from any algo system.

If you want to purchase this tool then you should have Amibroker and RT (Run Time) data. Without either Amibroket or Run time data this system can’t generate signal.

Trendz Monkey

How it Works


To run this trading tool, you need to install this in Amibroker. No need to buy a licenced version, as free version Amibeoker shall work perfectly for this tool to run in live market. However Trader need to purchase run time data from a NSE authorized data vendor.

Tested result is based on 5 Lot Future Script per trade and Maximum 4 open trade simultaneously.

Backtested Data-2017 till 2018

Backtested Data 2019

Live Demo Video
Good to know

An Investor can expect average 100% annualized return from this algorithm based strategy built into this Trading tool. Trader can trade manually or can convert this into a Robo System. Please watch our Video to see the Live testing result and demo.

One Time Cost

This trading tool is open for one time payment plan only for few days more, post that this will be available only in subscription mode.

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