With the increase of Algorithmic trading in India, there is a need for all individual traders to have some technological help to identify the Stocks, which can be a best fit for their intraday trade.

We at Daily Trade Mantra dedicated to bring new ways to identify Stocks for Intraday Trading. We have two versions of Screener tool, which can help Intraday traders in identifying stocks for intraday trade. There is a Free version and paid version.

The Free version has most of the basic data required by any traders to identify a potential Stock to take a safe trade, however this does not conform to all. There is a Premium version of the tool, which has all relevant data points to ensure any trader can screen their Stock based on their strategy.

Few Salient Features of Free Screener:

  • NSE F&O Equities
  • Quick view Month and day Chart
  • Daily Price change Percentage
  • Open Interest change Percentage
  • Volume change Daily
  • Volume change average of last 10 days.
  • Open Price, Low, High
  • Open-High-Low signal
  • PRB- Previous Range Break Signal
  • ORB- Open Range Break Signal
  • Support Resistance Level
  • Near Day High or Low
  • Near 52 weeks High/Low

The Premium version also have automatic Stock selection/screening facility by our internal logic, which might help traders who need some help in selection of stocks or who is not confident on technical analysis. It also have STBT and BTAT screened Stocks based on our algorithm, which shall again help any traders to take some decision based trade.

Additional Features:

  • NIFTY-50 and BANK NIFTY data points
  • Last 3 days Price movement – Trend
  • MACD, PSAR Signal (EOD)
  • SMA 5 day Vs 20 Day signal (EOD)
  • RSI Signal (EOD)
  • SMA 50 Day Vs 200 day Signal (EOD)
  • Selected Watchlist Stock List for Intraday Trade
  • Stock list with Entry point SL and Target
  • BTST & STBT Stock Watchist before Market closure
  • Whatsapp Group messaging service for Intraday Stock Pick (Screen)
  • EOD Delivery quantity vs traded quantity
  • Weekly breakout indicator
  • NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Option analysis (Market trend based on OI)

We have a detailed Premium tool video, where we have explained how can a trader use our Premium Screener tool to screen intraday Stocks and trade.

There are number of indicators used in this tool, change in Volume percentage, change in Open interest percentage, Open range Breakout, Previous range brakout, Pivot points Support and Resistance, new support and resistance and all technical indicator i.e. RSI, PSAR, MACD, 50 vs 200 DMA values etc.

Hope this article shall help majority of traders in taking their calculative decision with the help of our tool and plan their trade accordingly.

Below Screen Shows the Intraday Call Tab:

Below Screen depicts the relevant details required for Intraday Strategy implementation:

Below Screen contains EOD indicator’s data for Swing and positional trading:

Daily Index watch to know Sectorial performance and Global Exchanges performance:

BTST & STBT Tab shall screens best potential Stocks with relevant details:

NIFTY & BANKNIFTY Option Data Analysis:

Moreover there is Whatsap group messaging service for intraday Screened Stocks, which will help working trader. They need not stick to a trending terminal throughout trading sessions to identify the right stock to trade for. Traders can get intimation the moment messages delivered to the whatsapp group and take trade accordingly.

If you want to get an access, please contact us.

Surajit Chatterjee

Surajit Chatterjee

DTMAlgo, is a Fintech startup aim to offer fully automated institutional standard trading products for Retail Traders at affordable price.

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