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Intraday trading is all about price  breakout, we need to understand the breakout price and plan our entry accordingly.  This screener is available for free if you Open an account with our reference in Upstox.


Opening Range Breakout (ORB) is very simple and well known intraday strategy. Where ORB generally gets calculated based on the first 1 hour trading history of the day, either to buy or sell. ORB gets recorded on long side considering the highest price reached or short side with the lowest price reached during the first 1 hour.
Traders generally takes the trade in same direction of the breakout either to BUY or for SALE.


Previous day Range Breakout (PRB) is considered based on the Previous day’s High and Low prices of any stock.
When price goes above previous day’s high, that indicates stock is still undervalued and buyers are entering at that level. On the contrary, if the price falls below previous days low, that indicates the stock is still over priced and shall move further down.
Trades generally takes trade in the same direction at which the current day price breaks out from Previous Day’s range in either (Long or Short) direction.


Volume is most important indicator for intraday trading, if any stocks moves up or down with high volume, that is an indicator of the same directional move of the stock for that day. If any stock moves up and breaks either PRB or ORB with high volume, that is an indicator of further same directional move.
The same logic is applicable for change in percentage of Open Interest too.


Change in price action is the essence of Stocks, if any stock moves up or down with high volume, then considering change in percentage of price trader can take a decision, weather to consider further up move or further down move of the stock. While taking the decision trader need to consider ORB and PRB signals too.


Pivot Support and Resistance levels are based on previous day’s High, Low and Close prices. Price moves above or below these levels signifies strength and weakness respectively.

Top Performer (Identify Stock):

The Top Ten Gainers and Looser from Price movement, Volume and OI shall give you the day’s best trending Stock’s list. Follow this data to identify the best Stock of the day.



In this feature our Algo based tool screenes potential Scripts/Stocks automatically for trade and provides you with Entry, exit and Stoploss levels messages. You need to follow the levels and and place your Limit Bracket order accordingly.

BTST & STBT Signal:

Our Algo based tool also screns BTST and STBT calls based on some pre defined criteria, so that any traders can plan their trade accordingly. This screenig is based on Volume change and Price change comparing entire day vs last 45 minutes of trade data.


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Salient Features

Intraday Data

Trade based on our Intraday Screener data

Algo Based SIgnals

Trade based on our Algo based signals

Open Interest Analysis

Check market condition based on our Open Interest analysis

Messaging Service


DTM Premium Messages: We generate Algo based message for Intraday manual trading, where Trader shall be part of our DTM Premium whatsapp group and receive messages everyday during trading session based on our condition.

The sample Message: The message shall looks like *DTM* WATCHLIST – BUY:SIEMENS; ENTRY ABOVE 1549.9; SL 1540.6; TGT1 1557.6|TGT2 1561.5|TGT3 1565.4|TGT4 1569.3.

Where it gives Buy entry price, Sl price and 4 tagrets.

* Please ensure you possess Gmail id to get Access to our DTM Screeners

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Trade with confidence, use this Screener to earn consistently. No need data feed or any other tool. This self sufficient Screener can help you not only to choose stock of the day, but also help you with Algo based signals.

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This fully featured Screener is now available only for our Upstox and AliceBlue group of Traders Group for FREE. There is no subscriotion option available any more.

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