The Free Intraday Screener is a Google Spreadsheet based tool, which refreshes every 15 Second. It works for NSE FO Stock list. The Price calculation is based on cash market price not Future price.

Salient Features of this Screener

  • NSE F&O Equities
  • Quick view Month and day Chart
  • Daily Price change Percentage
  • Volume Traded
  • Open Price, Low, High
  • Open-High-Low signal
  • PRB- Previous Range Break Signal
  • Intraday Support Resistance Level
  • Near Day High or Low
  • Near 52 weeks High/Low
  • Daily Top 10 Gainer & Looser
  • Daily NSE Index view
  • Daily Global Index view
  • EOD Trend Analyzer with Buy or Sell indicator
Free vs Premium Screener Comparision

Live Screener

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