Find below some free downloads from DTM

1. Download FREE Amibroker tool from the below link

Free Amibroker

Please install Amibroker FREE Version using this link.

1. Download DTM Premium Screener Tool installation guide by clicking below

DTM Premium Installation Guide

         Please use this installation guide to install the Premium tool in your desktop or mobile device.

2. Download the DTM Calculator Version 1.1 below.

This version contains details how can we place Orders to achieve Target 1 to Target 4, how to modify orders, when to modify order and what would be revised SL value.

3. Upstox Account Opening Form

If you can’t apply online, then please click on the icon in the left to download Upstox Account opening form for offline application.

4. Sample Ac opening Form for Robo Trade

Original KYC Form

Please Download the Account opening KYC form. Take a print of it and fill as per below signed specimen attached. This attachment contains the following forms.

  1. KYC_MCS_Equity_DP_Form
  2. ATF_MTv3.0_Form
Signed Specimen

Please Download the Account opening KYC form’s Signature Specimen. This contains Primary and Secondary Account Holder’s signature specimen. All Marked in “V” are signature requirements for Primary applicant and all “X” marked places are signature requirement for secondary applicant. In case there is only primary applicant, please ignore “X’ marked places. This attachment contains the following forms.

  1. KYC_MCS_Equity_DP_Form_Signed Specimen
  2. ATF_MTv3.0_Form_Signed Specimen
  3. NEW POA_KYC_Signed Specimen
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