CiTS Algo Intraday Trading System

About CiTS

CiTS is Algo based Intraday trading system. Where a trader can trade based on pre defined Indicators Supertrend, EMA crossover,  PSAR and Price breakout ORB & PRB. Along with that the thrilling part is there is Horizontal line trading feature also present. Horizontal line trading helps a trader to trade based on price breakout based on their own candlestick chart analysis. You can watch the entire video above to understand how this System can be utilized. In a single system you can get 3 signals in a day to trade on multiple stocks in a single day. 

Trader can place trade using a button straight from the Amibroker charting pane or can trade with 100% automation, where there is no manual intervention.

Each Indicator used in this System was backtested with more than 1 year of data and has gave us more than 40% winning trades. Winning trade doesn’t mean  profit on Invested amount. Profit can be much more that the winning %. As Profit is depends on the Risk Vs Reward ratio the strategy has.

We have multiple Stop loss and Target criteria in this trading system. Hence Profit locking and Stoploss safety is very well designed for Trader’s safety.

We are calling this a Trading system as all Indicators are customizable, we have our default values for better return based on past performance, but trader has the flexibility to change parameters as per their own need. 

Trading System

Backtested data

Please download the Data sheet in excel format, which is used in the above video. This data sheet includes Supertrend,  EMA crossover, PSAr and ORB  Strategy return in 1 Year of Future data of NSE 200 Future scripts.

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Good to know

Trade with confidence, this backtested trading system gives a confidence that the signal works. Price doesn’t include Data feed, and cloud setup cost.

Subscription Model

This Trading system is in Subscription Model based payment. In case you feel this is not working for you then you can discontinue your renewal.

Payment Plan


  • Free Upgrade for 1 year
  • Support available
  • Payment is non refundable
  • Robo ready
  • Customizable - Additional cost
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