Below table gets updated on a weekly basis, where the weekly live market data of all our live running Algo trading bots are available. This cannot be considered as Profit or loss statement, rather this is captured for trader analysis purpose. 

The below table report shall give a trader an idea which bot cam be deployed in your portfolio to distribute the overall portfolio risk.

Please note the Margin required is average fund required to place the trade and minimum Investment is the amount you should invest against the bot’s deployment.  The investment shall vary based on market volatility and broker. 

You can click to the respective Strategy bots to get details of the bot mentioned below:

  • Bot type
  • Bot’s minimum investment

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Strategy Bot Performance
Bot Name Instrument Index Holding Type Current Month's Performance (September)
4th Week 3rd Week 2nd Week 1st Week
Options Banknifty Intraday Buy Only 580
Options Banknifty Intraday Buy Only
Future & Options Banknifty Intraday Buy & Short 1530 -4100
Options Banknifty Intraday Option Short -980 -310
Options Banknifty Swing Bull/Bear Spread 1200 880
Options NIFTY Swing Bull/Bear Spread 1800 2700
Options Banknifty Positional Bull/Bear Spread 1988 400
Options Banknifty Swing Iron Condor 900 2900
Options NIFTY Swing Iron Condor 1900 2600
Options Banknifty Positional Iron Condor 100 -1241
Options Banknifty Swing Option Short 5240 450
Options Banknifty Swing Option Short 200 1920
Future & Options NIFTY Swing Buy & Short 14050 4000
Future & Options Banknifty Swing Buy & Short 13880 1830

Weekly data gets calculated from Friday till next expiry.

Disclaimer: The trade data provided represents the real-life returns of our individual trading algorithmic bots in the live market. It is important to note that these results may not align exactly with all the individual trades recorded in respective broker accounts due to factors such as execution slippage, broker charges, and other related issues. It is crucial to understand that historical trade outcomes cannot guarantee future trading performance.

This is just an indication of the strategies probable return for your analysis of bot deployment purpose. Please discuss with your financial adviser prior to invest into any Algo trading product, there a substantial risk associated with FNO trading.

Please consider our trade data only for your deployment analysis purpose but not to project the probably return.

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