Market Profile Trading System

Market Profile

Market Profile Intraday Charting is designed keeping in mind the concept of Market Profile where the system shall evaluate  market value as it developed in the day time frame. The price displayed on vertical axis and time on the horizontal. The Price chart graphically looks like a bell shape curve.

They’re typically based on price and volume on a single chart. Market profile charts are also known as TPO, or volume profile chart.

Indian market, market starts at 9:15 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Hence we have letter “A” formed based on price movement from 9:15 till 9:45 am then Letter “B” will form with price action movement from 9:45 am till 10:15 am, and this will continue till 3:15. Finally it ends with letter “M” which represents price action from 3:15 till 3:30 pm.

You can watch the detailed video below to understand how this system works and its live market performance.


Salient Features

Point of Control

Identify the correct POC

Time price opportunity

Identify the TPO's of Trading Period

How to Trade Market Profile

Market profile charts are complete trading system, where charts are usually creates based on support and resistance prices, and how the prices interact with the point of control.

An intraday trader might trade on the from the most recent point of control reversal (Bounce from support level). A positional Trader might trade on breakouts of yesterday’s point of control. Selling and buying tails represent the lowest buying and selling TPOs for the trading period.


You can learn better Market profile using this trading system prior to take actual trade.

Live Demo Video
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Trade with confidence, use this trading system to earn consistently. The price doesn’t include Data feed, Amibroker cost and setup cost. We can help you to integrate this system with an additional service charge.

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