Create your TOTP

Detailed Video

Step 1

Base URL Link

Please open the Base URL Link mentioned below and logon.

Step 2

Logon using Broker credentials

  1. After login, Go to profile -> Preference, and   Click on Enable TOTP.
    You will get QR Code
  2. Scan the QR code using Mobile Scanner, you will get a link.
  3. Copy the TOTP from the link as mentioned in the video
  4. Update TOTP in DTMAlgo marketplace “My Details” Page.

Step 3

Google Authentocator

  1. Once TOTP is generated and updated in DTMAlgo “My Details” page, please download Google Authenticator from Google Play Store
  2. Scan the same QR Code using google Authenticator
  3. Copy the number generated by Google Authenticator and paste below the QR code  text and click on “Set OTP” “Authentication Code” text.
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