Create your TOTP

Detailed Video

Steps to generate token using TOTP are as Follows:

Step1: login on or
Step2: Logon using your Mastertrust ID, PW and mobile OTP.
Step3: Once you log on you shall find a barcode.
Step4: Take a screen print and save the barcode locally in your computer (Very important)
Step5: Install a Free Scanner to scan the code. Then copy the TOTP secret code from the auth link. It should start after secret= and ends before &issuer. and is a 16 character code
Step6: Then download and install google authenticator to scan the code.
Step7: Scan the barcode using google authenticator and enter the code received on google authenticator in the “Enter TOTP” input box and validate.
Step8: Once this is done, update your DTMAlgo profile with TOPT in “My Details” page.

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