BANKNIFTY Option Short

This Group of strategies are for all traders, who wants to earn consistent regular income. Designed on Intraday Banknifty options. This is a low risk strategy as we currently have Two strategies under same umbrella. 

These strategies are named as Chandra and Surya designed on Banknifty Option short.  Strategy have strict SL price and Target to ensure we don’t loose profit for any unnatural movement in the market. Both the strategy BOT operates differently.

Surya: This strategy works well in Range bound market and as well as Trending market. 

Chandra: This is purely hedge strategy where we adjust individual legs based on the direction of market. This has manual entry and manual leg adjustment. Works well during moderate volatile market condition and complete range bound market. 

Both the strategy Bot is available in our Marketplace

Daily Risk: Rs 1,200 if SL hits (Per strategy).

Daily Reward: Up to Rs. 5000  (Per strategy).

Return on Investment

Margin requirement for both strategy bot is Rs. 2L.

Return on Investment (Based on backtest) = Rs. 3.6L,  average monthly profit is 3,60,000/12 = Rs. 30,000. Hence monthly ROI = 30,000/200000 = 15%

ROI 15% monthly.

After adding additional buy legs (By converting them as Iron Condor strategy) , let us assume 25% of profit reduces, so theoretically 10% profit can be generated.

However based on real trade 5% monthly ROI is achievable after deducting slippage, brokerage and other charges.


Historical Data

2020 till 2021 Feb

Chandra Backtest result

Surya Backtest result

Please ensure you invest only your surplus fund, not your major source of living

You may want to know

Required margin is Rs 65,000 (approximate), but we suggest to keep additional fund in your trading account to avoid frequent fund transfer for any loss.

These are intraday strategy on Banknifty Options shorting. The strategies takes position based on Banknifty’s direction. The Call and Put options changes their position based on Banknifty’s movement. Can take hedge position or can remain naked position too.

You can make the payment in the below mentioned Bank account.

HDFC Bank: DTM Financial Solutions
Account number: 50200039055939
IFSC code: HDFC0000277

We don’t commit any profit per month, but based on last few month’s real trade this strategy can generate average 10% return on investment, monthly. 

Yes, this is a fully automated strategy. There is no manual intervention, no installation, no cloud, no Amibroker no data plan is required.

No, this strategy is not for one time purchase, its on subscription model or on profit share model based.

After payment, please send us an email or Whatsapp with your payment information. We shall enable your subscription for auto trade.

Yes. This strategy can not guarantee profit every month. Our team keeps working all existing strategies to ensure our client’s loose less.

Moreover with continuous trade, you will always be in profit at the end of a quarter.

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