Algorithmic & Robo Trading Products

We have Swing Trading and Intraday Trading products for traders, busines men and women, Service holders and House wives. Our aim is to enable those individuals who intend to invest/trade in Stock market but do not have time to do so. We are trying to bridge the gap between, human emotion and trade by automating the trade using Robo or algorithm. Robo trade will help all, who doesn’t have time for trade, but also them who can’t control their emotion. We loose money only because of our emotions, when we do not follow Strict Stop Loss and restrict our Profit, that is when we are taking risk in trade and giving market the opportunity to wipe out our hard earned money.

All our products are designed keeping in mind low risk and high reward ratio, where we restrict our SL while keep our trade open and increase target.

Below are few of our existing Algo products for Intraday and Swing trading. Our swing Strategies are designed for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Futures. Minimum investment is Rs. 1,00,000/- for NIFTY and Rs. 90,000/- for BANKNIFTY, our broker and we additionally keep security deposit for safety and to avoid discontinuity of trade.

Please find below the pricing of our products and feel free to contact us for any detailed discussion.

Our Robo products are designed keeping in mind of working people, who doesn’t have much time to track and analyze market on a daily basis.

Robo Products

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Rs. 15,000/-