What is the Screener?

The Screener is a XL based tool, which refreshes every 15 sec. It works for NSE Future and Options Stocks. This screener is designed for all daily trader to trade with knowledge and save themselves from losses.

Many traded pays hefty fees to different Analyst firms, and lose money either by fake calls or by high risky trade. Our tool bridges this gap between Traders and Analysts and make each trader an independent analyst to take their own trade independently.

What is Premium Algo Screener

The premium Algo screner is a algo based tool, which screens stocks from the list if FO stocks and provides entry, and exit levels automatically. It also generates other data points, which helps traders to create their own strategy.

When does The Screener start Screening?

The DTM Stock Screener is designed by Google Apps Frame-Work and starts ticking from 9.15AM.

What is the accuracy of this Screener?

Our free Screener generates multiple signals during the treading session, a trader need to be vigilant before taking any trade on those Screens. This free screener shall help you to identify different levels, you need to check the daily chart before taking the trade and use your strategy to get the benefit out of it.

Our Premium Screener generates Buy and Sell signals based on different conditions, which has more than 70% accuracy and we constantly work on to maintain the success ratio the accuracy level.

Is there any charge involved ?
We have both Free version and Premium version, based on your trading need you can choose the best one for you.
The Free version screens Stocks based on different data, Premium version not only screens Stocks, but it also generates INtraday calls and BTST calls.
What is the time lag in Stock Screener?

The Premium and Free both Screener is near real-time and sometimes delayed by a maximum of 15 second

Please use our Free Screener version for few hours during Market Hours and test it for yourself.

Is this Screener editable?

The Stock Screener is used by many users, hence we had to keep this non- editable.

How to use the Screener?

You can watch our Premium Screener Tool Video and  Free Screener tool video  to know how to use it.

Will this screener work in Mobile device?

DTM Screener is shared using Google sheet. You need to install Google Sheet app. Android users can download from Google Play Store and iPhone users can download from Apple App Store. After downloading Google Sheet app, open the Screener in Google Sheet app. 

Can I select stocks for buy /sell using this Screener?

Yes, you can use the screener to select stock for intraday trade. The screener has ORB, and PRB signals to help traders when to buy and sell a stock based on range breakouts.

If you use our Algo based Premium version, then you don’t need to choose stocks, rather the tool will display best intraday stocks to trade both Buy and Sell side.

What is PRB and ORB signal?

ORB is Open low and High range breakout and PRB is previous day high and low range breakout.

What is the difference between FREE Screener and PREMIUM Screener?

Please click the Comparison link to get the detailed comparison of Free and Premium version.

What is the cost of Premium Screener version?

You can go to our Product Pricing page to know more about the plan and raise the access request.

Is there any Message intimation on the calls generated by the Premium Screener?

Yes, we have Whatsapp group where any new call intimation popped up automatically by our Premium tool.

Can I get a DEMO of the Premium version before I Subscribe?

Absolutely, please watch our tool video before subscribe.

If I do not have Gmail account can I subscribe?

No, you need a Gmail email address to access the both Free as well Premium version of Screener.

After payment, how can I access the premium Screener?

It is same for both Free and Paid version. You will receive two emails, one for for access, and second one with details steps with all relevant links including installation guide, video links and intraday strategy. In case of any delay please contact us via whatsapp, or email us any time.

How can I make the payment?

We have NEFT Bank transfer, and payment through UPI Payment options, go to the payment page and make the payment. Our Activation system is completely manual, hence we would request you, once you make the payment, intimate us via whatsapp to get immediate activation.

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