DTM Premium Screener have many data points which can help any trader to trade based on data points. We have data for Intraday Trade, Positional Trade, Fundamental data, OI analysis on NIFTY and BANKNIFTY to give market direction and over and above these we have algo based signal for intraday and BTST.

Market is supreme and  it is difficult to predict, however our predictive modelling is based on probability distribution and few statistical module to calculate the entry point, target and stoploss. Different indicator has different weightage in our tool modelling. We try to maintain 70% accuracy, it may go beyond 70% or may fall below 70% at times.

Additional Features

  • EOD Candle pattern
  • Fibonaci retracement level EOD
  • Intraday Change in Volume %
  • Intrraday top 10 OI and Volume gainer data
  • Weekly and monthly breakout Intraday
  • Selected Watchlist Stock List for Intraday Trade
  • Stock list with Entry point SL and Target
  • BTST & STBT Stock Watchist before Market closure
  • Whatsapp Group messaging service for Intraday Stock Pick (Screen)
  • Customer Support (Voice and Text)
  • And Many more

Last few months Live performance

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Disclaimer: Trading is always associated with risk, you can gain 70% times or loose your entire fund. All investors are advised to do their own independent analysis before making a buy or sell decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is not indicative of future price action. We shall not be liable for any profit or loss made using this tool.

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