DTM-CITS: Comprehensive Intraday Trading System

Launching Shortly

CITS is the first time of its kind a complete advanced trading system for all retail traders, where even if you have very little knowledge about technical analysis you can trade like a professional trader.

Our objective to not only educate Indian traders to trade with knowledge, but also help them with technology so that they can trade with optimum capabilities and without any help from any advisory services.

In this product we have tried to incorporate almost all relevant charts and indicators that any trader may need to trade independently. Every indicator and charting window is customizable. Trader can place trade using a button straight from the Amibroker charting pane. 

We have not done anything extraordinary, its a simplest system placed with moderation. This is not a Robo system, but a algo based system which generates Buy and Short signal along with that generates Target 1 to Target 3 levels and Stop Loss 1 and Stop Loss 2, which helps Traders to exit at the right time from the trade. Please avoid using any trading system during choppy market condition.

You can watch the detailed video below to understand how this system works and its live market performance.

What is Available in CITS:

There are many features available to name a few:

  1. Trade in any Exchange irrespective of their Intraday timeing, and get entry and exit based on market open and close time.
  2. Entry price line with target levels and SL
  3. Trend detection indicator
  4. Oscilator based indication
  5. Different candle pattern (Heikanashi, simple candle, line chart)
  6. Buy & Sell Signal based on EMA, Supertrend, Pivot, Price Breakout, OSCP and B-Band.
  7. Button Trading can be setup if API details are available
  8. All parameters are parameterized and can be changed upon Trader’s need.
  9. Semi Auto and Fully Auto enabled.

Request for a Demo

This system contains screener which shall scan list of Scripts you are interested to watch. Based on all Intraday Indicators the screener shows Bullish or bearish signal, which can help you to choose a script of the day for trade.

How it works: A trader need to set any Buy & Sell Signal from the list (Supertrend, EMA crossover, Pivot or ORB). Upon selection there will be automatic signal for Intraday. Signals are only Buy or Short, no Sell or Cover signals will be generated as Sell or Cover will be based os Trader’s own decision on either Targets or Stoploss. There are Three Targets and 2 Stop loss level provided textually and graphically. Entry price can be plotted with a straight line. Buy and Short signals shall change based on the strategy you use. Buy signal indicates, when you want to go long on the script and sell the position for exit,  whereas Short signal indicates when you sell the Script and lated buy it to exit the position.

The system can be integrated with your Trading terminal of your broker, provided Broker is ready to expose their API for Amibroker system.  Fund management can also be customized based on Trader’s request.

Monthly Subscription

You pay as you go basis, always use he upgraded version
1000/- Monthly
  • Rs. 5000/- one time installation cost
  • Free upgradation for lifetime
  • Payment is non refundable

Avail attractive offer:

  • If you open Trading A/c with Upstox or 5Paisa then get 50% off on this product.
  • Get 50% off on installation on Trading Ac opening through us.

Life Time

Pay one time and use for life time, upgrade is free for the first year.
  • Rs. 5000/- one time installation cost
  • Free upgradation for 12 months
  • Payment is non refundable
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